Today marked my final day working at Roswell Park. These past couple weeks, I have been working on a small promotional video for their huge summer event, the Empire State Ride. It was very helpful being able to work through this with the advice from co-workers and my supervisor. I’ve always been hesitant to ask for feedback and criticism from peers, but something was different about asking them. I felt at home, and the words they gave did not instill fear, but motivated me to be better and to put out my best.

When finished with my project, I hit export and sat there thinking about my 3 months there, the people I met and the shoots and events I worked and thought “I wouldn’t have gotten an experience like this anywhere else”. From hearing the stories of doctors who work there, to working Kissmas Bash and meeting artists, the work Roswell does is extensive and has purpose. Shaking the hands of my co-workers and leaving the premises really struck a chord with me, realizing “wow this is really over, this part of me that has been here 10 hours a week is really over”. I was always learning something every day at this place; from simple techniques with equipment to complex storytelling elements, both key aspects to making a strong video. I will always remember my time at Roswell Park, and everything that happened there will stick with me from here on out.