This is my second time going to the AWMC speed networking event. As I approach graduating and looking for jobs in my field, I took this one much more serious, and got a lot of valuable information. One thing that was nice was I took what I learned from my informational interview and built my questions off of those. I spoke to many people with different backgrounds but what I loved was they all were a part of a team, and even if they weren’t in events, they had someone in events on their team and they were able to give me advice on my career path. What I noticed about theses professionals is that they were eager to give as much advice and information they could.  Even the ones who had no background in events gave me great keywords to look up for jobs, and even gave me websites to visit that have job postings in this field. Even as someone who isn’t interested in reporting or journalism those professionals gave me their cards and told me they would be happy to look over my resume and refer me to other professionals who would be willing to help. As I look for jobs and careers they were able to give me great advice in recommending master programs, and great places to start. One thing I really enjoyed was they only spoke to me for a short time and they told me that they can just tell I had the personality to work in the field of events, and can tell I was going to do well wherever I ended. Which was nice because it gave me reassurance.