To be completely honest, I was not looking forward to attending a networking event. Since I am graduating in just a week I wasn’t sure how helpful it would be to attend a networking event, especially if it was geared towards current students, not those looking for a full-time position.
Regardless, I chose to attend the AMWC Speed Networking Event on November 29th in Grupp. You were able to sit down with professionals for 3 minutes and the set up was very similar to that of a “speed dating” event.
It ended up being very helpful despite my hesitations. I met people from some places that I have applications sent out to and met someone that specifically works in Content Marketing. I also mentioned Chicago a few times and one of the professional’s boss has tons of connections there so I will be sharing with her my resume to pass along. Ultimately, it was a really good experience and I look forward to following up with them over the next few days.