Networking Event: Gelia

The networking event I attended was a social gathering at Gelia. My stepfather leads a team in the marketing division of the Gelia New York office. He knew that I was looking to do a networking event and figured this would be a perfect opportunity. During the day, I met with many of the heads of various departments. It was extremely interesting to hear what companies they previously worked for and how they came to find themselves at Gelia. My favorite interaction was with the head of the web department. It was cool to be able to “speak his language” so to speak while my stepfather looked at us like we had two heads. A crucial meeting I also had that day was with the head of hiring. She gave me a host of invaluable interview tips as well as what and what not to put in my portfolio. This was clearly not your typical networking event, however it offered me a more personal look into a very interesting company. I felt that rather than attending a mass event where you tend to be just a face in the crowd, a more personal experience such as this was infinitely more valuable.