I started my internship at The Elmwood Village Association last Tuesday and to be honest my first day was kind of weird. It was different from my last 2 internships mostly because of the size of the organization and nature of the work we were doing. I could not put my hand on what exactly it was that I was feeling towards the job, but I blamed it on the fact that it was my first day. So far I have worked 2 other days and they were definitely better than the first. I realize I was a little skeptical or overwhelmed by the work because it was new and a lot more than I anticipated being introduced to on the first day. Plus I was actually working one-on-one with my supervisor and she was giving me independence to work on projects by myself, with her guidance but mostly my own input. I found it different but I’ve decided to embrace this as a way to reinvent myself and become more skilled. I am excited to see how well I accomplish projects and tasks with this organization this semester.