Starting at the P.U.N.T Fund has been a good adjustment, especially coming off my previous internship at The Strong Museum. Gwen and Bridgette, the two people I will be working most with, have been super helpful with hearing out my interests, as we approach getting more serious in this internship. Right away as I entered my experience Gwen made sure I was introduced to others, and made sure that if any of their projects aligned with my goals, that I could help out in different areas. To ensure I learn many different skills and earn different experiences. I was able to attend their big gala event which was a Wine Pairing. I was not a part of the planning process, however I was able to see what they were working towards over the summer months. Currently I am working on creating a brochure for the P.U.N.T Fund in deigning a template and writing copy. I titled this piece the Detour because recently when I tried to get to my internship, there was a detour which didn’t allow me to park in the parking lot, I circled around for a half hour trying to find a place to parallel park, however I could not find a parking spot. I called my supervisor and I was allowed to come back to school and work remotely. and continue to work on the brochure design. This was an interesting experience because I know people at my last internship worked from home sometimes due to conflicts, which, growing up, my parents never did. I’m not getting used to it, though, because next week I will be heading back into the office starting on new projects for our upcoming events.