Walking into the hospital lobby, there was a tangible buzz in the air. Patients and families flitted in and out, people in lab coats glided through with coffee cups in hand, and a man sat opposite of me playing the guitar. As I sat in anticipation for my interview, I remember marveling at the fast pace that seemed to permeate Roswell Park and I loved it. I am a person who likes to be busy all the time; sitting behind a desk doing nothing has never been appealing to me and that is why I loved the hubbub of everything taking place around me. The atmosphere of Roswell is what ultimately made me realize that I wanted to work there.

Ever since the interview, things moved rather quickly. The same day that I interviewed for the Internal Communications internship, I was hired. I was told that I would be doing things like creating content for i2, Roswell’s intranet, attending meetings, and helping their marketing team. I received all the paperwork and quite literally ran to get all of it done so I could start as soon as possible.

When my first day came along, I felt that same spark from when I interviewed. I was not nervous or scared to go, I was eager to see where the day would take me. I got on the train way too early and ended up arriving about 30 minutes before I was supposed to be there (maybe I was a little nervous). Consequently, I waited 15 minutes or so to enter the building and sat around for a while, waiting for my supervisor, Patti Meyer, to come and get me. After that little downtime, I was in constant motion with Patti. I was pushed from place to place; getting my employee ID card, procuring a computer and setting it up, learning where everything was, and being introduced to so many people that it was difficult to keep track of everyone. It was only four hours, but within that small span of time, so much was done. Now, as I am entering my second week at Roswell, that same sort of spark from the first day is following me around and I cannot wait to see what the rest of my time there brings.