Hello everyone, my name is Robert Grant.

I am interning at WIVB-TV Channel 4 News in Buffalo in the Engineering Department. Yesterday was my first day at my internship and I must say that I was not very nervous at all. I think going in for a meeting with my supervisor and the production manager of Channel 4 a week before I started really calmed down my nerves. Everyone at the station is so nice and willing to help with whatever you need. Steve Yoder (my supervisor) and John Carroll (Chief Engineer) are such down to earth guys that I am very excited to work with them and help with projects they have. The Engineering staff seems genuinely thrilled that I am interning there in the first place, as most interns come for broadcasting. It is such a great atmosphere to work in there, I find myself constantly surrounded by technology which is something I love. I am looking forward to checking out the transmitter sites with Steve and the crew later this week, and seeing what else they have in store for this semester.