It seems like just yesterday, I came into the Book Arts shop and was asked in a panic to help make a rush order of prints. Since then, WNYBAC has taught me several different creative pursuits that I never thought I’d be able to do, and has allowed me to work online with their social media, blog, website, and mass email platforms. Last week, they even asked me to take notes on how, from my outside perspective, they could use what they have to more efficiently reach their audience on several different platforms. I got to voice these ideas to their Marketing Board, and helped to brainstorm a long term plan for marketing after I leave. This last week, I’ll be working on implementing my ideas.

My experience at WNYBAC has been beyond amazing; I’ve been able to experience working for an organization whose message and goal I actually care deeply about. Nothing could replace that. It won’t be goodbye forever though! I plan on coming back to WNYBAC as a volunteer this coming semester whenever possible.