As I spent the last few months at BNMC, I learned a lot about what I want in a career. This is good timing too as this internship covered the last credits I needed to graduate! I spent a lot of time fine tuning my graphic design skills between logos, posters, flyers, social media images and more. I also got to add another line to my resume, “Podcast Producer!” I was able to sit in on “Talking Cities,” BNMC’s CEO Matt Enstice’s podcast. I also was given the responsibility of editing it, coming up with a description and the title! This was very exciting as this podcast is streamed all over the country. I guess I was sad to see my internship at BNMC end, but good thing I’m staying on! My supervisor liked my work and assistance so much, they’re keeping me on part time as their personal graphic designer. I’m very excited that this will be the start of my professional career and the jumping point for all that I am to accomplish.