It’s hard to believe that today was my last day at the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus Innovation Center. As this semester has come to a close, I feel good about the experiences that I’m coming out of my internship with. Everyone I met during my time there was super nice and helpful and genuinely cared about making sure I got the most of my experience. During the course of the semester, I was able to accomplish a lot of things and successfully completed most of my goals. I updated almost all of the discounts for the businesses that participate in the neighborhood explorer program, except for a few that I was never able to reach or get a response from despite numerous attempts. With that being said, I learned getting people to commit to programs, or basically anything, is really difficult and requires a lot of effort and persistence! I also signed on a few new places, so that was really cool, but also difficult in terms of getting people to commit! In terms of my social media goals, I wrote way more than 3-5 posts, so I exceeded that goal! I post about two times a week, one for Twitter and one for Facebook featuring the businesses participating in the program as well as advertising a blog by our CEO. I was also able to do a few other projects such as create a “Food Map” of all the food options in and around the campus. We designed it into a little pamphlet to put around the campus, such as in the hospitals and education buildings, to educate people of their options.  I will be able to put the final copy of the map in my portfolio as a tangible example of my work. All in all, I felt this internship was a great experience and I’m coming out with new experience in marketing and managing a program! Also, I became familiar with how to use trello, which is a way to keep track of project process within groups, as well as Buffer, which is a website that allows you to schedule social media posts. I rate the whole experience 9/10 and would definitely recommend the internship to those of you looking for an internship in the Fall!