I completed my internship at Buffalo Spree Magazine last Tuesday and I was actually a little sad to be leaving. Being an intern with them was very fulfilling, I was exposed to a real workplace environment for the first time and it was better than I expected. This experience helped me gain a better understanding of how to work in the field of journalism and work on my writing for a specific public, which was one of my goals for the semester. I wrote pieces that appeared in two issues of the magazine this year, which I am immensely proud of since another goal of mine was to contribute to the magazine. Making the calendar each month was a little stressful, but my supervisor told me once how important and helpful the task was and told me I do such a good job with it. I would also like to believe I can develop good questions to interview people with, though I did not get to actually interview someone, but rather had to work through email. At the end of the semester, I can happily say I would love to work at a magazine as a writer and contributor. Any skepticism I may have had about my journalism major before is gone, and just from the support I got from family and friends this past semester gives me more hope in what I want to do. I hope my next internship or job is this great, honestly.