As my senior year is now coming to a close, this too means my internship at Crosswater is ending. Over the past months I have had an amazing time working with and getting to know all of the wonderful people at Crosswater. Everyone was very nice and willing to teach me all they could about any questions I had. I worked on a 3D Animated Short while at Crosswater. While the short was not able to be finished due to time constraints, it was still an amazing ride getting to work on a team working together for a common goal. I have learned so much about this process and have only deepened my passion for one day getting to play a part in this exciting field. I hope that more people can get the opportunity that I was able to get at Crosswater in their internships. I feel a big thanks is due to Dr. Irwin for pointing me in Crosswater’s direction. I have made so many connections and while it is sad to move on, I feel like I can look forward to more and more exciting opportunities like this one in the future.