My internships this semester with Basil Marketing and the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County were great experiences, even though I hate cubicles. I honestly could not fathom what happens in a Human Resources workplace and what a Marketing department does without this insight. With Basil I learned a lot about marketing and how one individual would be working on multiple projects at once and still have time to make a sudden project possible. Going out on multiple video shoots and editing along side their video production side of the department helped elevate my skills in that field and helped with my task management a bit.

I also learned a lot from my United Way of Buffalo and Erie County internship. I first learned that cubicles are evil, but I also learned that I would love to work for a non-profit organization. I felt everyday that I went in that the people around me were not there for the paycheck at the end of the week but were there because they all cared about their communities and wanted to make something better from them. I felt this during a lot of the event planning meetings I attended and when I was helping with the planning for their Getaway event in late May. I enjoyed being enveloped in that environment.

I learned a lot from both internships and I believe it will help a lot with finding a job not only because of my time there but because they helped me with time management, working under pressure, and allowing me to use my creative thinking along with my critical thinking to accomplish a goal. I wish I could have learned more from both internships but I would need more time there to continue where I left off. But I did learn I feel more prepared to step into a career and accomplish many goals there.