In regards to reflecting on my four months interning for Hospice, I am very happy with how things unfolded. I had three goals going into it: be the main point person for an event, become better at developing professional/personal relationships in the workplace, and see how different departments work. I was able to complete all three of my goals and I am very proud of that. I was the main event planner for an arts and crafts night for the program, Essential Care for Children. This program helps children that are in Hospice. A lot of planning and work went into the event and it was a success. I was also the assistant planner to a kick-off party for the memorial walk. My next goal was definitely reached — I absolutely adore and admire the women I work with. I was able to build professional and personal relationships with the people I work with. For someone like me who is shy and timid in the workplace, that is a major accomplishment. I felt like it was a complete 180 with how I have been at past internships. Lastly, I was able to sit down with the marketing team for a day and the volunteer department for another day. It was a good way to fulfill my final goal by getting to know them and what they do. Some other major things I did during my internship dealt with interviewing volunteers and families of patients then turning those into writing pieces.

Overall, I am beyond pleased with by experience at Hospice. I really believe that when it comes to internships, you get out of it what you put into it. I put a lot of time and energy into my projects and I am happy with how they turned out. My supervisor and I are in the works of talking about a possible job opening so that is something I really hope works out. To work for an organization that is so close to my heart, with people I genuinely enjoy, while doing what I love, would be the dream.