I’m sure that I’m not the only one that feels like last week was January and we were just beginning the semester. My senior year here at Canisius was a blur, but the highlight was certainly my time spent as an intern with the NFADA.

In December I began my internship by meeting with my advisors and setting a handful of goals. I put an emphasis on being published at least five times, attending two auto shows (in addition to the Buffalo Auto Show), and I wanted to drive at least one car that costs more than $200,000. I am extremely excited to say that I was able to achieve all of these goals. Well, technically I only started a $200,000 car… but I think we can count it. 

I was published in the BuffaloCars section of the Buffalo News several times in February, and online with BuffaloScoop. I attended three auto shows in addition to the Buffalo Auto Show– the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the New York International Auto Show in Manhattan, and Buffalo Motorama (also held at the Buffalo Convention Center).  All three shows were a blast, with each bringing their own distinct differences to provide me with a broader sense of what an auto show can be.

Overall, I think that my time with the NFADA was a success. I was able to meet many significant members of the automotive industry, and I have maintained contact with several of them since. The main drawback from the experience was that my involvement peaked in February during the Buffalo Auto Show, and was very calm after. Having spent an entire summer in a much more intense internship with the Boston Globe last year, this was a much different experience. Not comparable, really, just different.

I am glad that I got involved with the NFADA and I was encouraged to stay involved in the show in future years if I so desire. I hope that everyone had an excellent experience at their internship this semester, and I hope that the end of the semester is as smooth as possible.