It is sad to think that I will soon take the Metro into work for the final time. Arriving at Fountain Plaza in the morning after boarding at Humboldt station and departing from Fountain Plaza and passing Goldberg Segalla on my way out of downtown Buffalo has become a routine for me. I have learned a lot and have tried to improve myself throughout this internship so that I could demonstrate growth from a timid intern to an invaluable member of the firm. Similarly, I believe this growth is something that I have demonstrated during my college career. Thus, it is bittersweet to realize that soon I will be leaving behind two foundations of my life that have vastly transformed me. Of course, Canisius College for the past four years has played a monumental role in my growth as a student and as a person but Goldberg Segalla over the past five months has also been a catalyst for my maturation as an employee. While it is sad to envision myself passing by Goldberg Segalla for the final time, it is even sadder to envision myself leaving Canisius College and the community of Buffalo, a place I have called home for four years. Yet, I know that from change comes growth and if the growth that I have achieved as an intern at Goldberg Segalla and as a student at Canisius college is any indication of how much I can still better myself, then I look forward to any opportunity that will present itself in the future. I highly recommend this internship to anyone because the culture of the workplace is simply the best, the employees that work there are some of the friendliest people I have ever met and the management helps its employees succeed and better themselves.