After completing my internship with the Botanical Gardens, I must say I learned a lot of valuable skills that will help me as I further my career upon graduating. When I first started my internship, my main goal was to learn how to write proficiently and professionally. Through writing at the Botanical Gardens, whether press releases, social media posts, or mass emails, I gained a tremendous amount of experience that has since enhanced my confidence in writing.  My supervisor was always there to help and was a great teacher. She would always include me and keep me up to date on all marketing matters associated with the gardens.  One benefit that I learned was the importance of networking. The gardens is a not for profit organization, so a lot of the materials for specials events are either donated or brought in by another company. This gave me insight into maintaining healthy relationships with clients and the general public who frequent the gardens. If I were to rate my experience I’d give it a 9/10, deducting one point solely because the internship started off a little slow and repetitive, but all in all a wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone seeking interesting in marketing.