Looking back at my internship, I can certainly say that even though it was not easy for me to actually get an internship position, I am really glad that I did it. The reason why I am mentioning the fact that is it wasn’t easy for me to obtain an internship position is based on the fact that in Germany we have a total different resume style as well as cover letters. Thus, it took me a while to figure out the American way of applying and it was quite a process until I adjusted to the American format. However, with the help of Dr. Irwin I was able to score a great internship in the marketing department of Roswell Park. More precisely, I worked in the Alliance Foundation. The Alliance Foundation is responsible for the coordination and organization of multiple fundraising events. Among many events, the two most popular are the Ride for Roswell and The Empire State Ride. Both events generate a lot of money and within the last two years the two events raised a total of over $ 11 Million. After 4 months in the position as a marketing intern, I can say that I was exposed to a great variety of things and especially due to the great effort of my supervisor, I was always busy and learned a lot. Furthermore, since my tasks were very diverse and I had to deal with creating marketing campaigns as well as reaching out to clients or potential participants, I learned a lot about myself and where my strengths are. As a result, I decided that for my future career I want to pursue a position in sales since I loved the interaction and conversation with people, whereas I did not enjoy the time behind the desk as much. Regarding my goals for this internship, I believe that I accomplished almost all of them since I received a lot of insight in marketing as well as experience in writing and creating content for social media accounts. Although I did not get as much insight or training in the specific field of online marketing such as crafting and actually executing entire social media campaigns on Instagram or Facebook, my supervisor provided me the information where I could learn. Overall, I think that this internship was an amazing experience and due to a great supervisor and working environment I was fortunate to learn a lot and improve my skill set for my future career.