Looking back on my internship, my experience was better than I ever imagined it would be. The best part of the whole experience is definitely that I will get to continue working with and learning from the Western New York Book Arts Center for the rest of the year through their new Apprenticeship program, for which I was recently hired.

Where the main focus of my internship was on Marketing, the apprenticeship program will be a little more holistic. Since I will be completing a greater number of hours per week, I will have the opportunity to get more involved with aspects of the organization I haven’t had the opportunity to yet. I am particularly excited to begin attending more networking and business meeting type events as a WNYBAC representative.

I know I will continue my training in marketing for a non-profit organization, though. I have already gained so much wonderful experience in this area through my internship. Over the course of my internship I was given more and more opportunities to curate posts for the organization’s various social media platforms. I feel I have gotten very effective at communicating pertinent information in the brief, yet creative manner social media platforms require. This was an area I had had no prior experience in, and gaining the experience I have was definitely one of my internship goals.

I did have some previous experience in blogging for an organization, so another one of the cool responsibilities I have at WNYBAC is writing and designing posts for the blog I started for them. Other experiences I’ve had over the course of my internship include interviewing members and board members, volunteering (and baking an edible book!) at the Edible Book Festival, and, of course, learning to use and then printing on WNYBAC’s historic Vandercook printing presses.

Looking back, I’m so thankful for the experiences I have had so far at the Western New York Book Arts Center. Looking forward, I am so excited that I get to continue working with this incredible organization; I know I will learn even more and continue to build valuable professional skills.