As I go into my final week at WGRZ-TV, I am proud to say I have exceeded all of the goals I set in the beginning of the semester. I am leaving with tons of portfolio pieces, some of which I helped shoot and edit and some of which I produced entirely by myself! I had the pleasure of learning under an Adobe After Effects wizard, my coworker Justin, who has taught me some really creative tricks that I will use forever. Script writing seemed very intimidating when I first started, and now it is something I am very comfortable with.
I got very lucky with the timing of my internship because this year, NBC had the rights to both the SuperBowl and the Winter Olympics within a two week span, something that won’t happen again for another 16 years! It really showed me how much time and resources affiliate stations use for planning big time network events. I also had the opportunity to witness a “sweeps” month, which is a month when networks measure local stations’ audience ratings to update advertising rates. I was able to help plan and create content and advertising for February Sweeps, and I will be leaving just when May Sweeps starts.
This internship showed me the side of news that not many people get to see, and I have absolutely fallen in love with it. I not going to jump in front of the camera and report anytime soon, but I can definitely see myself staying in the news broadcasting industry. I can I have truly grown through this internship and would rate my overall experience a 10/10. I was valued, respected, and encouraged every day to learn and produce professional content. I really don’t want this internship to end!