For my networking event, I went on a trip top the Bills Stadium with the Association of Women and Men for Communications Club on April 13th. It started as a tour of New Era Field, as wells as the locker rooms, sky boxes, and where the offices were. On the tour the group learned about the history of the team as well as the stadium. At the end of the tour we had the opportunity to meet with Preston, Megan, Anna, Kevin, Katie, Jack and Kevin. Only about five of them spoke on a panel discussing their jobs, and what it is like to work in their positions and how they got to where they are today. This was a great experience to get to see the behind the scenes aspect of the Buffalo Bills franchise, and to see where our majors can take us. I used the opportunity to ask questions and give out my business cards.

I had so much fun on the trip seeing the field and stadium from a different perspective.Though I wouldn’t want to work at the actual stadium due to the demand of the job from different positions, I’d love to possibly work with the Bills with relocating their players and staff!