Hello everyone! So for my networking event I am going to talk about the 2018 Shea’s Black Tie Gala. This event took place last Friday, April 20th. This event is held by Shea’s each year and is their biggest fundraising event as well. Because this is the biggest fundraising event of the year it brings in the most money for Shea’s over all other events. Ever since I started my internship at Shea’s I have been working up to this gala and finally got the chance to attend last week. This event was certainly a great networking event to go to as many of “Buffalo’s Best” were in attendance, as in some of the top local successors . It operated much like any other Gala, with a cocktail hour, auction (both live and silent), along with a dinner and a great deal of time to mingle. While being at this event I got the chance to meet a variety of people. I set a specific goal to communicate and network as much as I could. I spoke to many different people in many fields all throughout Buffalo and those from other places as well. Many of them spoke to me about their professions and assured me that they worked really hard to get to the point that they have reached today. I also received a great deal of meaningful advice for entering the workforce and rest of the world outside of college. I even networked with a fellow worker that I met during the event who is going to connect me to a possible employment opportunity with the company she works for which is called 501 Auction, the system running the silent auction during the Gala. Overall this experience was great and I was very proud of myself for how comfortable I was with communicating with people and being confident in myself.

Thanks for Reading!

Jenyia W.