I attended the Niagara County Job Fair in Niagara Falls on March 28 to fulfill my networking event requirement.

The event was run really well. Various representatives from different companies were seated at tables. People were able to spend time at each table, talk with the representative, and then move onto the next one. The employers were from all different types of fields and I felt that benefited me because it allowed me to network with people from fields that I previously hadn’t had a connection to.

I benefited from the experience because I was able to network with various professionals from various fields and I got a better grasp of what would be expected of someone working in the fields. I received business cards from many of the people representing the companies and I have since followed up with many of them. Many of them told me that it’s important that I discover what I’m passionate about because this is something that employers can’t train and it will make me stand out from other applicants.

I had a great time at this event and I’m glad I went!