On Friday I attended a Buffalo Creators & Crafters membership meeting. Buffalo Creators & Crafters are a small group of freelancers who live in Buffalo. Although I was not a member, I was able to attend as I arrived with a friend of mine who was kind enough to bring me along. He makes and sells small trinkets out of blown glass and was one of the original Buffalo Creators & Crafters. Although the setting was casual and was held in the office space of what looked like a very large house, the members conducted the meeting in a very professional fashion. After the meeting proceded and introductions were made, I was able to talk to many of the members present. I was told not to bring a resume, so I made small cards with my contact information written on them. I did not find any members who were involved with web development, but I was impressed by the diversity in the lines of freelance work conducted by the members. One of them created small desk ornaments out of bullet casings that looked like flowers. Another said he owned drones with HD cameras and would photograph aerial shots of clients’ property.

Although this was not an official networking event, I found it to be extremely useful for meeting amazing people. These members who seem to meet more as friends rather than colleagues proved to be very inspirational to me. They proved to me that you can run a small successful business doing something you enjoy. After attending, I feel very confident in my abilities coming out of college and hope to pursue freelance work of my own. Before leaving I was able to collect business cards from many of the Buffalo Creators & Crafters as well as share some of my own contact information.