On Thursday, April 19th, I had the pleasure of attending the “Buffalo Means Business: Executive Happy Hour”. The event was held at Buffalo Riverworks and showcased local business professionals. Equipped with live music, games and food samples, the event was set up with each organization or business at a booth, where you could freely walk around and speak with whom you wanted. The organizations ranged from banks, to insurance companies, to car dealerships and marketing agencies. The majority of attendees were about 35 or older which made it a bit intimidating because I didn’t see many people around my age. I gravitated towards the marketing agency, Smart Reach Digital, and was able to talk to their Promotions Director about an available position. As soon as I got home, I applied for a promotions assistant position. Speaking to the Smart Reach Digital representatives was enjoyable because most of them were women close in age to me. They seemed impressed that I had business card readily available and my elevator speech down to perfection. I practiced my elevator speech beforehand and felt comfortable and confident marketing myself to others. The only aspect of the event that I would change was that the bar was very separated from the business booths. This created a very split environment with all of the older attendees at the bar and all the younger attendees near the booths and games. I would have tried to merge the two areas to create open communication between everyone. Overall, I am happy I attended this event. It allowed me to learn about an interesting open position and network with seasoned local professionals.