For my networking event, I traveled to New Era Field with the Association of Men and Women in Communications (AMWC). On April 13, we got a tour of the entire stadium and we were able to see the different communications jobs that they offer. At the end of our tour, we had the opportunity to sit and ask a panel of employees questions about their jobs. We met with the manager of community relations, a member of the media relations team, the director of community relations, the director of their social media pages, the director of football administration, and the director of marketing. Overall, it was very interesting hearing how each of them got to the position that they are in today. One takeaway that I learned was to take every opportunity to go above and beyond for someone. This includes putting in extra effort by staying late, volunteering time, or simply just helping others. They also offered some great interviewing tips such as knowing relevant information about the company that you’re applying for and knowing your goals for the future. Overall, I am grateful that I had this opportunity and the connections that I made. I could see myself working for the Bills in the future.