Last month, I attended the Griff Fair career event here at Canisius. The event, I felt, was run extremely well and brought in some very big names from the Western New York area such as Basil Cars, Rich’s and the Buffalo Sabres. The event is very beneficial for Canisius Students and allows you to get your foot in the door in an exclusive way. I had the pleasure of speaking with Lactalis American Group. This turned out especially well for me because I had been speaking with an HR representative from Lactalis in weeks prior. Ironically enough when I went over to the Lactalis table I introduced myself and it ended up being the woman I had been communicating with over email. It was very nice to be able to speak with her in person before I went in for my interview a few days later and made the process a little more comforting. This just goes to show how important it is to network and not be afraid to go up and out of the way to introduce yourself.