Starting my internship, I went in feeling very nervous about the unknown. Since it’s downtown, I knew that parking would be a little rough and i wasn’t excited about it at all. I actually had a melt down on my first day because I was stuck in a spot and ended up almost hitting another parked car but thank God I got out. I was so sweaty from the nerves but it ended up being okay. My supervisor told me that they would give me a parking pass, so I’m happy that I won’t have to deal with trying to find parking. The building itself that I work in is very beautiful and new; it makes me feel really excited every time I walk in. The office space is very open and even has a kitchen, a ping pong table, darts, and a bar. There is music playing all the time and no one is afraid to sing at their desk, it’s so fun. I think that the fact everyone there was already friends even before working there makes it that much better. They tell me their days of going to Canisius and living in Bosh, where I used to live, and it’s really cool to exchange stories. Everyone is super nice in the office and very friendly! They makes me feel so comfortable and welcomed, it’s just a very positive time.

I have helped work on brainstorms for new branding of a restaurant, and have done research to help them with rebuilding their client questionnaire for partnerships but that’s about it. I’m hoping to start some new and challenging things this week and am very excited for things to come.