Entering into my second week at Goldberg Segalla, it has been easy for me to adjust to the corporate environment of the law firm and the transition couldn’t have gone more smoothly. The information and guidance that I received from Human Resources, especially, has made me feel comfortable and at home, which is nice since I will be spending almost twenty hours a week at the office. Any initial anxiety has faded and having met my co-workers I can honestly say that every morning so far I have been excited and eager to board the NFTA at Humboldt station and arrive at Fountain Plaza for a short stroll to 655 Main Street. My co-workers are extremely nice and approachable and it is one of the friendliest work environments that I have ever been a part of. It is refreshing to be part of a community that is so friendly because it leads to less stress and greater levels of satisfaction within the workplace. In some cases the friendliness is shocking because it is as if I’m working in an alternate, permanently friendly reality where everyone is overly conscientious, kind, and amicable. Nevertheless, I’m enjoying my time here so far and I’m sure that will continue.