Beginning my internship at Marketing Tech has been something that is both new and exciting. I have not interned with a company yet whose mission focuses on marketing, so this is a chance for me to see what windows of opportunity are out there for me as I move forward into the working world. I have only been at Marketing Tech for two weeks now, but I have already learned a great deal of information and have familiarized myself with the company and what each aspect of it does. Everyone has been immensely outgoing and welcoming to me which is awesome! It is a very relaxed environment but a lot of work gets done at the same time. I have mainly been handling their social media accounts, helping to boost their engagement and starting an Instagram account for them. I have also sat in on a few client meetings and am attending one of their marketing seminars tomorrow which I am looking forward to. So far my experience overall has been awesome and I am excited to see what the rest of my time here holds!