I am excited to share that my internship is in the Human Resources office at the Erie County Medical Center. Throughout the first week of my internship, I spent the majority of my time meeting all of the employees in the office. I was able to spend some one-on-one time with a select few employees where I learned about their jobs and assisted them when needed. I assisted in setting up for orientation which included creating the new member orientation binders, as well as, attending pre-orientation meetings. In these meetings, I helped guide new hires while they filled out their paperwork and turned in their forms of identification and certifications. The following week, I worked closely with one employee, Erin, and I have been helping her out with recruiting and onboarding paperwork. I have been assisting in employee audits, employee internal department transfers, and making sure that all of the employees’ self-provided information matches up to what we have in our database. When I am not working on a large assignment, I am usually working with the previous ECMC intern, Alexa, on other onboarding assignments. Alexa has taught me how to correctly review employee applications, by highlighting all of the important information that I should be looking for, as well as guiding me through phone interviews. After we phone screen candidates, we send the information to the hiring manager, and if all goes well, we also set up the interview. I really enjoy working in a hospital setting and everyone at ECMC has been so welcoming and encouraging. As I wrap up my 3rd week at ECMC, I am excited about the opportunities I will receive over the next few weeks.