My name is Mathew Santos and I am a 23 year old student completing my last semester through Canisius College, with a Communication Studies major. One might say that I am timid and shy in unfamiliar settings, however this internship opportunity has given me the ability to get out of my comfort zone, which is a goal that I have for myself. On a regular basis, I am not usually comfortable in unfamiliar settings but this is something that I want to work on. From the first day of my internship, I challenged myself to settle into my role quickly in order to excel at what I am required and responsible to do.

My internship supervisor, Ryan, did a great job outlining the duties and responsibilities that I would be fulfilling during my internship period. My internship responsibilities include administrative duties involving intramural and competitive sports within the Sheridan College Athletic Department. My duties include social media management, event coordination, game planning and assisting with all events that will take place within the spring semester. My day-to-day duties will differ depending on what the athletic schedule looks like for the week.

Although it was an unfamiliar setting, i adjusted quickly with the help of my internship supervisor. If I had any questions, I made sure to ask in order to fulfill my role properly. The anticipation that I was feeling prior to my start date was getting the best of me but with Ryan’s assistance outlining exactly what is required of me, it helped me realize that I am more than capable of fulfilling this role that is expected of me. I am looking forward to learning and gaining new knowledge from this experience.