I’ve only done three days of my internship at the Western New York Book Arts Center, but each time I go it gets better and better. I was immediately put to work doing tasks related to promoting and marketing the organization, and, though they were small tasks to begin with, they definitely fit with the experiences and knowledge I’m hoping to gain through my internship.

Most recently I started the more long term project of updating the WNY Book Arts Center website. I went through the site page by page, checking for dead links and other problem areas. My fresh eyes were also appreciated because, in viewing the site for the first time, I could point out which portions were not as user friendly as they should be. After I had gone through the website, the program director, retail operations manager, executive director and I all sat down to discuss the website as a whole. I felt like I had a lot to contribute, and like my ideas were heard and appreciated. It felt like a discussion between equals, which wasn’t something I had experienced at previous internships.

I honestly wasn’t sure when I started, but by now I know I’m going to get along great with everyone at the WNYBAC. We’re like-minded people: creative individuals with a passion for providing creative outlets for our community. I think this internship is going to turn out to be a great fit for me; I feel like I have a lot to offer based on my previous experiences as well as the courses I’ve taken, and the people I’m working with are receptive to my suggestions, meaning that together we’ll be able to bolster the Buffalo community’s perception of the WNYBAC and all the great activities and opportunities we offer. I learn best by doing, and this internship will let me to do that.

Plus the WNYBAC is such a neat venue, even if it’s somewhat cold in the middle of winter. Fortunately, I have an extensive collection of scarves, and if that’s not a perfect coincidence, I don’t know what is. So far so good, and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my Thursdays and Fridays at the Western New York Book Arts Center this semester.