Last week I started my internship at HUNT ERA! I am still beyond excited to be interning at HUNT, and extremely grateful for all of the experiences and knowledge that I have been receiving thus far. My internship this past week was split between being in the office answering phones and going out with different agents to shadow them.

This past Friday I was able to shadow one of the agents from the office as she showed one of her clients three homes.  This was my first time seeing how agents show homes, open lock boxes and the preparation that goes into showings before the client is taken to each property. The agent that let me tag along was very informative; she shared tips and tricks on how to figure out if a client likes a property or not. One of the biggest things I learned from Friday was to try to sell clients on the potential of the things they don’t like about a property.  For example, the client from Friday didn’t like the floors, and the size of one room. The agent shared ideas with the client to tear down one wall to create more space and to stain the hardwood floors or even put in new carpets.

Sunday I was able to shadow a different agent who was hosting an open house for a client who wanted to sell their home. I helped set up signs, greet the people that were coming in, and since I was knowledgeable about the property, the agent trusted me enough to walk through the house with some guests to give them insight about the property and what it has to offer.

Even though it is just the beginning, and there is so much more to learn and I am excited to see where this internship takes me!