Last week, I started my internship in the Communications and Marketing Department of Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus’ Innovation Center. The Innovation Center is powered through BNMC and is known as the “business incubator,” as it’s a place for start-up companies and growing businesses. My first couple days were a whole lot of introductions– to the people I’ll be working with, the building I’ll be working in, and to the business goals I’d be working to maintain. I really love the Innovation Center building because it’s so modern and there’s so many young faces and such a wide range of businesses with every step you take. My supervisor Sarah walked me around and showed me some of the different businesses and it was cool to see them all operating under one building and hear about their growth thus far. Everyone I met was really nice and welcoming, which always settles the nerves of entering a new work place and not knowing anyone. Of course it’s always going to be a little awkward at first, but I immediately felt comfortable with the people that I’d be working with and seeing frequently. I even got my own badge which was really cool– now I’m official! I was introduced to my first big project that I’ll be working on, which is revamping the Neighborhood Explorer Program which offers to discounts at local businesses to employees and students on campus. It’s a big project with a lot of different steps, but I think it will be interesting to re-market the program and hopefully I’ll end up with successful results! Starting at a new place feels intimidating but I’m trying to remain confident and attentive. I have a really good feeling about this semester and am excited to be a part of the BNMC team!