The other day I was greeted by my co-worker’s dog that was walking around the office as I came in and I thought to myself, “wow, this is awesome.” I was so excited to start working at the SPCA and my excitement to go into work each Monday and Wednesday hasn’t died down. I’m in love with dogs and animals in general, so when I was asked to be the development/ special events intern for the SPCA, I jumped on the opportunity! My first day was a lot of fun. My supervisor gave me a tour of the entire facility, which was really cool. I got to see all of the dogs and cats and even play with them a little bit. I settled in very easily. Everyone there made it comfortable for me to be myself and they were all super welcoming. I really love what I have been doing there. I have been finding vendors and contacting them to see if they’d be interested in participating in certain events that the SPCA does. I have also been creating and sending emails, thanking donors for their generous donations. For this, I go into the back where the dogs or cats are held for adoption or behavioral training and find stories that stand out to tell about in the letter that thanks them. By finding a story about a dog or a cat and incorporating their story into the letter, it shows these donors that their generosity is helping care for these animals that have been either abused, abandoned or surrendered. Whenever I have a little bit of free time, I am able to go play with the puppies, which is a huge perk of working at the SPCA!  I’m looking forward to helping plan more events at the SPCA and working with my extremely nice supervisor some more!