So I am now into my second week interning at Shea’s Performing Arts Center. I am currently working as an Administrative intern and helping the development department. So far things there have been pretty good even though I have only just begun to settle in. First off, what has made it so enjoyable is that the people there are so welcoming and nice which really makes settling into a new place much easier. Each day I have gone in I have met someone different and they all immediately come up to me and introduce themselves, which is a great feeling. I also can’t complain about working in a beautiful theatre and getting to walk in and see that every time I go into my internship.

As far as some of the things I have been doing, the majority includes preparing for the Annual Black Tie Gala that will take place in April which I get to attend, by the way. Event planning and preparation is the kind of stuff I really enjoy doing. Some of the things that I have done include assisting with preparing to send out the invitations for the gala to the guest list, sitting in on staff meetings, organizing auction items, keeping track of sponsors and vendors through master spreadsheets, and other tasks as well.

Taking on these tasks has definitely been nice because I have had such an active role in the preparation of this event and seeing all that goes into it. I am very excited to get to see the final product of all of the hard work that I will have a role in when the time comes for the gala. So far I have to say things at my internship are off to a pretty great start. Stay tuned for my next updates about my experiences at Shea’s!