When I received the call at the beginning of January that I had received the Communications internship at Rich Products Corporation, I was elated. If I am being honest, I was surprised and shocked. When I interviewed in December, they told me that they would be taking some time to interview candidates and deliberate. They mentioned that they were interviewing a plethora of other candidates throughout the coming weeks. Although I tried not to show it, that intimidated me. I was nervous that I would not stand out above the rest. I thought my interview had gone well, and I thought I had hit the writing exercise they gave me out of the park. However, I was still nervous. Why? There is always going to be someone better than you or smarter than you. For my sake, I really hoped that someone wasn’t interviewing for the same internship I was.

I had lost hope when a few weeks had gone by and I had not heard anything. Then, my supervisor called me and informed me that they wanted to offer me the internship. Of course, I didn’t hesitate. I had loved the atmosphere when I interviewed there and I knew Rich’s reputation as a great, local organization that was built from the ground up. It was a place that I wanted to be a part of and was so grateful that I was the one given the opportunity. Although I am normally nervous before I begin a journey like this, I was surprisingly calm when I woke up to go to my first day at Rich’s. This was a sign for me that this internship would be a great experience for me.

So far, although I have only been there twice, my gut has been right. The people at Rich’s have been so welcoming and really want to see me succeed. They are already letting me help them with projects that have value and importance. As an intern, they are viewing me more as a colleague and associate rather than someone working beneath them. My main duty at Rich’s will be to help them with Enrich Cafe, their hub for internal communications online. As they were excited to find out that I write for The Griffin, they knew that writing was a strong suit of mine. More importantly, they discovered that I have a passion for it. I am excited and looking forward to this adventure.

My favorite thing about Rich’s so far is the encouragement that I have received from my supervisor to get to know everyone, both inside and outside my department. Instead of working through lunch or eating at my desk, I have been encouraged to take the full hour designated every single day and develop relationships and a network of individuals. I have already had great conversations with people and I look forward to many more. I look forward to seeing what the semester brings and I hope that I continue to have a phenomenal experience at Rich Products.