Doing two different internships is a lot different than I thought it would be. Originally I thought that I would be overwhelmed with the work load on top of my other classes and duties on the campus. But, I am rather settling in nicely to both. I have a plan set up for both places for all my work for the semester and I also am scheduled for meetings and being involved more with the aspects of each company.  Basil Automotive has treated me well since I started there, getting me in for a small video feature on a new car that they just got in. I have to edit that now and I have a couple more small short videos to make and edit for their blogs as well. Personally I am happy at this internship, and I do enjoy my time there. Being creative and thinking of things that are interesting to talk about for this dealership is wonderful. At the United Way of Buffalo and Erie County I am trying to adjust to the cubicle I work in.  I am designated to re-work their employee handbook and make it shorter and condense it. So, I do a lot of critical thinking, which keeps me entertained and makes the time go by fast. Overall, I think I am settling in nicely in both places and am enjoying both experiences so far.