As my internship at the Buffalo Bills comes to a close, I am grateful to have had this position to further my career in sports communications. I have met and collaborated with various people throughout the organization who have all taught me valuable tips and lessons about the industry. I have been able to pass along my business cards and resume to many people within both the broadcasting and media departments, which was a main goal of mine. Though I was not able to contribute creatively to the team’s social media, I did get the opportunity to share my opinions and criticism and have them taken seriously. My role as an intern may seem small from the outside looking in, but I have been able to learn and grow in my position. It did involve A LOT of transcribing, however I know the value of my tasks and how they get passed on to major news outlets. Moving forward, I think the most important thing I’ve taken away from this internship is that though I love the Media Relations side of sports, I think I truly belong in broadcasting. I don’t think I’ve could have learned this without this internship. I do plan on still trying to tour one of the production trucks before the season ends. I would rate my experience at the Buffalo Bills as a 8/10. Being one of seven interns sometimes made my role feel limited, but I know I had value that was appreciated by my fellow staff. I would highly recommend the Game Day Media Relations Internship to anyone interested in sports communications.