Coming into my internship with the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens, I had no idea what to expect. I had never had an internship before this. I got the position to be a marketing intern but I wasn’t sure I was even interested in marketing. I went into the experience with an open mind, and I’m glad that I did.

My internship started off slow. My job require putting tedious calendar events into media platforms. Though it was a slow start, I can really see the value in it, for me and for the organization. Doing these postings is something that brings a lot of exposure to the Garden’s events, yet there are so many other tasks that it often gets pushed aside. Being able to do this helped the Gardens get the exposure that they want and need, as it is an important task though it may not be on the top of the list to do. That’s where being an intern can really help. We can do the things that there is no time for but are still important and necessary. It really helped me too. I got to learn how to work with each media platform and became well versed in figuring out sites by the end of the task.  It was also valuable in that it taught me more about the Gardens and all of the events that they hold.

The rest of my internship I got to do a range of things. I learned how to do things like use a website called Hootsuite, a site that allows you to schedule social media postings on multiple media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. I also got to use a similar site that scheduled mass emails. One of my favorite tasks I had was to shoot videos and pictures of the Poinsettias exhibit and then create a movie out of it. I got to walk through the gardens and try my hand at taking videos and photos that could be then be used to create a promotional video.  I found that this is something I actually really enjoyed and I would have not known this before if I had not had the chance to do this.

My last day was almost surreal. I had gotten used to going to the Botanical Gardens and working with all of these great people. I am going to miss working with my adviser and the other wonderful people I met there. I learned a lot from my experience at the Gardens and I discovered that I do have an interest in marketing. It may be the area that I might pursue for my career. Overall, the experience started slow but once it got moving it was great and I really enjoyed my time there.