I absolutely loved my internship at Marketing Tech! I met a lot of great people and learned a lot of new things! I also amped up my design throughout the semester and am very happy with some of the bigger clients I had the pleasure of designing for.  It was a positive experience and I am glad that they accepted me into their marketing family. I really liked working here because of that family atmosphere. It was a smaller company that valued each other and each others’ work. One of my favorite things was celebrating everyone’s birthdays and singing happy birthday! It’s not often a company is so caring about their employees. I will not only take awesome portfolio work away from this experience but also friendships that I’ve developed in my field. My entire goal for the semester was to walk away with work that I was proud of for my portfolio and I think I did just that. The graphic designers at Marketing Tech taught me a lot that I did not know in design as well as gave me incredible feedback on my work. Although I love graphic design, I think that this internship did make me realize that I do not necessarily want to be in a 40 hour per week, graphic design position. Sitting at a cubical for 40 hours could be quite exhausting. I would love to wear multiple hats when it comes to my job, so I am eager to do some soul searching and research more diverse careers in the digital media field. I would rate the entire experience at Marketing Tech a 10/10 because they let me do just that! I got to assist various departments when work was low and I loved that it switched up my day! I especially loved working in the Production department on their machines and putting their products together! I hope I find a company as diverse as this company in the future to work for. I really liked the ability to switch departments. Not only as an intern do they do this but when anyone at the company is low in work, they always work as a team and assist one another. I really thought that was awesome!