Looking back to the start of my internship at Crosswater, I would say that I accomplished most of my goals that I set at the beginning of the semester.  I learned more about programming, got to experience different types of projects dealing with Virtual Reality, and got to experience the work environment for my field of study.  The only goal I wasn’t able to complete was finishing a prototype for the game I was working on.  However I worked on other projects and learned more about other fields in Game Design.  Some benefits the internship had for me include knowing what it is like working with others on certain projects and bettering my communication skills.

Overall I would rate my internship experience great.  I love doing what I do and I had a great time at Crosswater working with a lot of talented and passionate people.  I hope to spend more time with Crosswater next semester and be able to work on more projects and better enhancing my skills as a programmer.  I believe everyone should do an internship because you never know if there is something that would you like to do but you don’t know it yet and an internship can help you discover that.