The Saturday of  Thanksgiving weekend I had a chance to go to an event that is not quite big enough to really be called a convention, but the event definitely had enough groups/organizations there for the event to not be considered a “meeting” or get together of some sort. This was an event for non-profit media professionals, (Those who produce content through Radio, TV, film, etc.). My dad is on the board for Rochester Free Radio, which is a small radio station in Rochester NY, so I thought I’d go with him just to see what I could take a away from the event. I got the chance to meet some interesting people who have been working in the media business for a great deal of time. People were very open with me about their experiences as well as what they most enjoy about the business. Events like this are great because I feel like it keeps us fresh when it comes to taking away key information from a conversation when trying to make connections. Networking events are also crucial for building on interpersonal skills.