I attended an event at Buffalo Game Space on November 9th. It was a Game Development Meeting where people share different techniques they use when developing games and some show off projects they are currently working on.  At the beginning of the event, new people have the opportunity to introduce themselves to everyone before people begin to show off projects.  One thing I found very interesting was of everyone who was at the event, most of them were programmers.  I would’ve thought that there would be a bigger mix of artists and programmers but surprisingly there were mostly programmers.  I liked that you are able to walk around and talk with anyone and ask what they do and what they are working on.  I met mostly programmers and discussed about different techniques that we like to use when developing a project.  A way I benefited from this event is that if I ever have problems with developing something, whether myself or with a group, there is a place where we could go and get the help we need.