This is my third week at Shea’s and I must say so far so good. The first week of being at Shea’s I knew I immediately liked it. My supervisor and her colleagues really throw me into things and I honestly love that even though it’s super nerve wracking at first. I like the sense that they trust me with having a creative sense as well as knowing that I can take on a task that I might necessarily not even be familiar with, but they trust that I can figure things out in a way.  I think that alone is pretty neat. Networking is HUGE. I’ve shaken a lot of hands and talked to a lot of people in these three weeks just basically trying to gain as much information as I can and at the same time give enough information and details about myself  that would make anyone I’m talking to interested in ending the conversation with a business card or at the very least just remembering having a conversation with me if we cross paths again. Something I’m learning more and more as far as networking goes is to definitely have a true presence when meeting new people and talking to them. It’s easy to introduce yourself and state what school you’re at, etc. but I think it’s even better to really push talking points that could lead to a bigger and better conversation. I helped out with hosting an event for the Kenny awards that will be at Shea’s in the spring and at this event there weren’t a lot of people there and after I introduced myself to a couple people and had some conversations, I thought I could sit back and watch the event unfold. As soon as I stepped back, someone who I had previously talked to started talking to me again and so I put a better emphasis into the conversation and that led to another person joining in on the conversations and me just being able to get the chance to learn more from other people and to share more about myself. Currently I’m helping my supervisor prepare for the Kenny awards in the spring as well as helping out with any task that is delegated to me and it’s definitely a good time being in this atmosphere and around these people.