Ever since High School I knew I always wanted to become a Game Designer but I really didn’t know how much there really was in this field. After starting at Canisius I soon realized that there are many different jobs in the field of Game Design and after taking several different classes I decided that I wanted to go into Game Programming.  While studying Digital Media Arts I also decided to do a minor in Computer Science to help me understand programming better and be able program with different computer languages.  I will be completing my internship at  Crosswater Digital Media, a production company that specializes in Virtual Reality video and game development.  I wanted the experience of working with others and having to see how a company like this operates and so far I can say that I am enjoying it.

I met with my supervisor a few times throughout the summer and got to know more about the company but I didn’t really know what exactly I would be working on.  Other members of the game development team made it clear what we would be working on throughout the semester. Luckily for me when starting I had two friends from school that were interning here as well and it made things a lot easier for me.

Settling in to Crosswater was also much easier than I thought it would be. Everyday I come in I talk with the staff that are there early in the morning and settle into my office and begin working.  One thing I thought would happen working for a production company would be a lot of noise happening throughout the office but everyone here is very laid back and enjoy doing what they do.

Now that I am settled in working on game projects has been very exciting.  Even though programming can be challenging from time to time I still find it very enjoyable and knowing that my work will be used by someone in the real world and not just for a school project feels very rewarding.  I am very excited to keep working at my internship with Crosswater throughout the semester and if everything goes well like it is now maybe I could always come back in the future and work with them again.