That just about sums up my first day. Plants, marketing, and calendar events. Of course, there were all of the introductions to everyone in the office. Going to my internship, I had no idea what to expect. I knew that I was going to be a marketing intern which meant that I was going to help in the marketing and public relation department of the Botanical Gardens, but I did not know what to expect. I figured I would learn more on my first day and I anxiously waited to find out.

The anticipation had me overthinking things that would normally be simple; like deciding what to wear in the morning. I opted for dressing up rather than showing up under dressed. I showed up for my first day in my dress pants, heels and a nice shirt and soon realized I stuck out as the intern. It was a relief to find out that the dress code was business casual, but we are allowed to wear jeans. It gives the office a very laid back but still formal feel to it. That was my first lesson.

My second lesson was during the tour of the Botanical Gardens. We walked through the greenhouses and I got to learn about what each house was and the numbers assigned to them. My internship adviser sprouted out plant facts as we walked through and that was when I came to my second lesson: I don’t know anything about plants. This realization peaked an interest in learning more, though. Immediately I could see the value in learning more about the plants in the gardens and how it helps in organizing, promoting and running events at the gardens.

My last lesson is one that I think every intern has to learn. You have to take baby steps before you can get to the fun stuff. That means filing papers, making copies or even the cliche idea of running around getting coffee for everyone. My task has been along those lines. My first task has been to put events held by the Botanical Gardens into media calendars. Something I did not realize is that the events promoted by news websites are not events that those stations went out and found. They have it open for people to add their events into their calendars. So my job is to go through these websites and add all of the events into these calendars that the Botanical Gardens is holding from now until early next year. Once I finish with these, I will be past my testing period and move on to bigger things as a marketing intern.

There is still so much anticipation and excitement that I am feeling for the near future once I finish this task. I have already gotten to go to some meetings where things from what wording to use while putting information out to the public to creating the center piece for an upcoming event were discussed. I also got to go on an out of the office adventure to the place where the radio station Star 102.5 is aired and watched as my adviser and the Botanical Gardens President received a donation. Rob Lucas even gave me a “Brooke the intern from Canisius College” shout out at the end of it. This internship has already given me some valuable lessons and experiences. I look forward to seeing what my next lessons will be.