Yesterday marked my 7th day as Mercy Flight’s Development and Events intern. The first day I was introduced to just about everyone in the office, from the pilots to the president. The office that I work in consists of myself, Ashley my supervisor, who is also the Director of Development and Events, Kate who is the Director of Marketing, and Amy who is the Vice President of Marketing and Development. In regards to anticipation, starting, and settling in to my internship, in the beginning I was unsure what to expect. Meaning I didn’t know what type of work I would be doing or how much responsibility they would put on me. I was also nervous about what the team would think of me and my work. Once I started, I discovered that Ashley and the rest of the staff are all very welcoming and I hope that we can get to know each other more as the semester goes by. I can definitely see Ashley as someone I would look up to due to the fact that not only does she have ample experience in non-profit event coordinating, but she is also a genuinely good person. For the most part I am settled into my job, meaning I have a desk, I know how to clock in and out, I know how to use our software, and I know where the bathroom is, but I am still waiting for that ‘always-know-what-to-do’ feeling. For example, I know what to do and how to do tasks that they give me, but the down time I have in between tasks I’m not really sure what to do with. I hope as time continues, there will less guesswork and I can just always have a task to work on. Overall, I am really enjoying my experience so far.